3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac in our AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic, to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region at high density. Watch his video testimonial below.

Every graft was personally harvested by Dr. Baubac. The patient is in his mid 30’s, lives in L.A. and is an aspiring model and actor. He came to AlviArmani and Dr. Baubac to help enhance his look to help with his career.

fue hair transplant

Before and after 3000 FUE grafts

Patient Testimonial

“Please tell Dr. Baubac that he is amazing. It feels great to have this good looking hair again. I Feel like an older Zac Efron and it’s because of the hairline Dr. Baubac created for me.  Please thank Dr. Baubac, Eric and the team for me. I’m so happy with my result, my hair, the design of the hairline and the density he gave me. Dr Baubac and the whole team is like family. Best decision of my life.”

3000 Graft FUE

Before and After 3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration - Side View