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View over 280 Exceptional FUE Hair Transplant Results! From hairline lowering to complete scalp restoration.

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World Class FUE hair transplant surgeons. Dedicated to the Art & Science of Hair Restoration.

Hair Transplant Costs

What is a Realistic Range

Your degree of hair loss, specific goals, and any additional treatments can affect the overall cost.

Totally Undetectable

Your friends and family will say “There is something different about you, but I cannot tell what....”

Temple Angle Closure

Closing the temple angles will frame your face and bring back that youthful appearance....

Natural Hair Line

Proper hairline placement and artistic hair line design that compliments your facial characteristics is the key to a great hair transplant....

Natural Density

Transplanting at High density is the only way a hair transplant will look natural, and AlviArmani delivers this with our dense packing technique...

Can I Wear My Hair Short After A Hair Transplant?

A common question from patients contemplating hair transplant surgery is "Can I wear my hair short after a hair transplant?" Well the good news at AlviArmani is a resounding "YES!" See before and afters from ALL angles.

3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE with AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic, to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region at high density.

One Session Norwood 5 Results

A detailed comb-through is shown in this video so that you can see all of the details that are necessary to determine true naturalness and true density.

Professional Hair Stylist Discusses His Hair Restoration Journey

This patient had 3,000 grafts to restore his hairline, temples, and mid-scalp. He is in his mid-30s and used topical and oral medicines before deciding on the procedure.

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