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Hairline Enhancement With 3,000 FUE Grafts

This patient was in his mid 30’s and although his hair loss was not severe (Norwood Classification 3 Hair Loss) he was unhappy with both his hairline and temporal recession. Our surgical team developed a treatment plan for him that would include transplanting 3,081 grafts utilizing FUE harvesting technique. When advancing the temporal region it…

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1,200 Graft FUE Hairline Hair Restoration

This patient came to our AlviArmani clinic because he was unhappy with his high receded hairline and temporal recession. It was determined that he would need 1200 grafts, harvested via FUE to advance his hairline. During the procedure the surgeon included PRP injection therapy to introduce growth factors that we have found encourage faster healing and hair…

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Video Hair Transformation – 4000 Graft Case Study

Making a decision to have a hair transplant, especially if you realize that the right solution is half a world away is not easy, but as our patient Nick will tell you in his video it was well worth it! This 46 year old male came to AlviArmani in Beverly Hills from the UK…

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Actor Ashton Kutcher Discusses His Hair Loss & Treatment

Hairsite.com  recently produced a video that features actor Ashton Kutcher, on Conan O’Brien’s Show “Conan” discussing his hair loss and the treatment he is using to maintain his existing hair. Hairsite also compares Ashton’s hair loss to Americal Idol singer and AlviArmani patient Jefferson Tuke and his transformative FUE hair transplant results by Dr.…

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FUE Hair Transplant Video Case Study

This patient had 3,539 grafts in September of 2018 to restore his hairline, frontal region and mid scalp. The patient was a NW5 and came to AlviArmani Beverly Hills because of the high density we achieve and the amount of area we can cover in one session with a large amount of grafts. This…

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Hairline lowering procedure

This patient in his early 40’s had a procedure with the AlviArmani Clinic to restore his temple recession, to lower and redesign his hairline and to close in the temples for better facial framing for a more youthful appearance

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3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE in our AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic, to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region at high density. Watch his video testimonial below. Every graft was harvested by our surgeons. The patient is in his mid 30’s, lives in L.A. and is an aspiring model and actor. He…

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Our patient tells his story!

AlviArmani IS SIMPLY THE BEST! I like many of you have spent the last 15 years fishing through the internet learning about hair transplantation from scalp reductions and flap procedures to FUSS and now onto FUE. I began to loose my hair at the age of 23 and I am now 44. My father is…

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Hair Transplant Repair in Los Angeles, CA

This male patient was in his mid 30’s when he had a hair transplant by another hair clinic to fill in his frontal hair loss. Although the patient was an excellent candidate, the FUE procedure was poorly performed and many grafts were apparently transected (follicle cut below the scalp surface) and there may have been…

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Diffuse Thinning Hair Transplant Result

The male patient above had 3,006 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in our Beverly Hills Clinic. Grafts were placed in Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 all in between his existing hair to add density and fullness from hairline to the crown and right up the middle. Placing grafts in between existing hair such…

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Transplanting at High density is the only way a hair transplant will look natural, and AlviArmani delivers this with our dense packing technique...

I expected AlviArmani to offer first class hair restoration but never expected the first class, warm, and personal way they treated me. Dr. Hughes himself deserves special note. His deep understanding of the ethnic variations of hairlines and his grasp of the aesthetics of hair design are just amazing. And, for all his technical expertise, he is completely humble and completely in service of his patient.

After 2 years of research and meetings with various hair transplant clinics from all over the world I am so happy that I found AlviArmani and I immediately ended up on the website. After viewing all the work and photo's it was a clear and obvious decision for me to have AlviArmani handle my hairline procedure. I could not find another company anywhere with so much proof as to the quality of their work on their sites.

I had a restoration procedure at AlviArmani. It was a great experience. Having had two prior procedure at other hair restoration clinics, those prior procedures really made me appreciate what a cut above AlviArmani is both in terms of the overall experience and the results. Not only did Dr. Hughes completely "get" what I wanted aesthetically from the procedure, but he made me feel at ease and confident that he would deliver the results. Equally important was the post-op care I received. 

American Idol Star Jefferson Tuke had his FUE Hair Restoration with the AlviArmani Clinic 11 years ago. He has come back to tell about his hair restoration journey and to show off his AlviArmani Hairline.

See for yourself what our patients thought of their procedure at AlviArmani. Browse through personal blog sites where patients post their own before and after photos and document their experience - from their first steps in researching hair loss restoration, to their final results.

Can I Wear My Hair Short After A Hair Transplant?

A common question from patients contemplating hair transplant surgery is "Can I wear my hair short after a hair transplant?" Well the good news at AlviArmani is a resounding "YES!" See before and afters from ALL angles.

3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE with AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic, to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region at high density.

Hair Transplant Mentor Reviews AlviArmani

Joe Tillman, founder of hairtransplantmentor.com, reviews patient results and the aesthetic approach of AlviArmani Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA

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