Hair Restoration for Women

Female Hair Restoration

A surprising 21 million women suffer with hair loss in the United States.

By the age of 40, nearly 50% of all women will experience hair thinning to some extent.

Men aren’t the only ones in need; women need solutions too! Especially considering social expectations of women, and hair in relation to femininity and beauty.

At AlviArmani we understand how critical it is to woman to have great looking hair. For many woman, a bad hair day equals a bad day. We recognize that the importance of beautiful hair for a woman goes far beyond its biological purposes. The value of good looking hair is unquestionable and is reflected in woman’s self-esteem, in their mood and their self-confidence.

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi offers both Female Hair Restoration solutions as well as PRP Therapy to woman and has helped countless woman regrow, add density, volumize and restore their head of hair through our various treatments.

For more information regarding our hair loss solutions please contact one of our specialized female hair restoration consultants to get started and receive your individualized hair loss treatment plan.

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