Video Hair Transformation – 4000 Graft Case Study

Making a decision to have a hair transplant, especially if you realize that the right solution is half a world away is not easy, but as our patient Nick will tell you in his video it was well worth it!

This 46 year old male came to AlviArmani in Beverly Hills from the UK to have a FUE hair transplant from Dr. Baubac. He works in the finance industry and believes in doing research before making a decision. After extensive research he met with Dr. Baubac. Based on his Norwood Class 4 hair loss and his desire to maintain a mature hairline recession Dr. Baubac recommended performing 4000 FUE grafts and to enhance healing and hair growth he also recommended combining the procedure with medical hair loss therapy.

46 year old make – before and after 4000 grafts 

After 4000 grafts 

Transformational hair transplant results.